Bottles to Bags: Our Sustainability Pillars

Bottles to Bags: Our Sustainability Pillars


The labelling system FSC has strict regulations to make sure the forestry does not cause deforestation, that the harvesting is controlled, and that it takes the local and indigenous people into consideration.  



All our drinking bottles and lunch boxes are BPA-free. BPA is short for Bisphenol-A, which can mimic oestrogen, and therefore have a negative effect on the health.  


Use of recycled plastic bottles

Beckmann has a short-term ambition to only use textile produced by recycled plastic bottles or Ocean Plastic. As of today, the main material on our backpack series City (City Light, City and City Max), Urban (Urban Mini, Urban Midi and Urban), Street (Street Light, Street FLX and Street GO) and the Active Air FLX are produced by recycled plastic bottles.


Children’s bodies are still under development and are more vulnerable for impact than adults. They are also more in direct contact with the substances in toys, as they put them into their mouth. For products intended for small children (kindergarten and 1st grade) we run tests according to an even stricter legislation: EN71-3, also called the Toy Regulation in Norway. We are continuously working to reduce the use of chemicals beyond what the regulations require.