How to Wash Your Backpack

How to Wash Your Backpack

We recommend washing the backpack by hand with liquid detergent. If you choose to wash it in the washing machine, we recommend putting it in a pillowcase so that the straps do not get stuck during washing, and use a gentle program. Any damage caused during washing in the machine is not covered by the warranty.

Check if any of the items below are relevant to your bag before washing it:

Rain cover and back support (almost all backpacks):

Before washing, the back support and rain cover should be removed. The back support is located inside the backpack, towards the back, and can be pulled up. Remember to put it back in place in the right direction afterwards.

The rain cover is either placed in the lid, in one of the side pockets or in the bottom.

Velcro / buttons (Classic, Classic Maxi and Active Air FLX):

The Classic, Classic Maxi and Active Air FLX models have buttons attached with velcro. These should be removed before washing.

Blinking light (Classic):

If your bag has a blinking light, this should also be removed. To remove the light, first unscrew the small screw, twist it and remove the battery.

Air pad / air cushion (Active Air FLX):

If you want to wash Active Air FLX, you must first remove the air pad / air cushion. Watch the video of how it is done here: